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Thread: Smash Bros. and my HDD

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    Smash Bros. and my HDD

    I had a friend of mine rip my games for me before I hacked my Wii(My drive was dead and I hadn't yet tried to mod it; his is modded but he's on his fifth one due to bricking so I wanted to do it myself.)

    Anyway; the copy of Smash Bros he gave me was in two files, one is about 4gb, ones around 3gb. If I try to add them into my USB HDD using the backup manager I found in the FAT32 guide, its name turns red after it 'transfers' and my copy seems to not work. My question is: Do you have to do anything special to multi-part files, or was my friend an asshat and mess up something?

    I have loaded other games fine. I've got Super Mario Galaxy, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and Mario Kart Wii. (as well as the aforementioned Super Smash Bros.)
    I'd love to know whats going on in case it comes up again; as it is I'm not planning to expand my collection unless I know whats going on; otherwise it's wasted cash.

    Thanks for your time. (And sorry if it's a stupid question. I've poked around the search function but all of the stuff I'm finding is not helping at all. If there's a guide I need to read, I'd be more than happy to read its.)

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    FAT32 has a maximum file size limit of 4GB, so it is normal for games larger than 4GB to be splitted into multiple files. One file should have .wbf1 as extension and the other should have .wbfs as extension. It could be that something went wrong when you ripped the game.
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    Alright, thanks. I'll rip it again when I can - just didn't want to waste time with something I didn't understand.


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