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Thread: Burned Wii discs playing for a bit and then crashing

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    Burned Wii discs playing for a bit and then crashing

    Hii guys,

    I recently bought a Wii second hand and soft modded it on the day i got it.

    I used the soft mod guide from this site and it all worked without any problems.

    Im burning my games on to unbranded DVD-R at the slowest speed possible, and playing them via NeoGammer i think.

    All burned games i've played (about 5 of them) seem to work perfectly for around 5 - 10 minutes and then crash. Most games seem to have some kind of audio fault first before freezing, whilst Mario Kart just went to a black screen that said 'Disc Read Error'.

    Is this a sign that my Wii is on it's way out, or is it as a result of using unbranded DVD-R's?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Could be either of those things, or it could be that discs inherently stink. Think about USB loading to avoid this conversation going forward.


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    TO be honest USB loading would be ideal, but i dont want to spend the money on a new HDD. The Wii itself only cost me 30 and for games that i can pickup for 5 to 10 each, i dont need to be spending 40+ on a new drive.

    However, im currently searching to see if its possible to run games from an SD card, as i have a 32GB card... running games from this would be ideal - does anyone know if this is possible?

    Alternatively i would be willing to buy an 8GB flash drive and run games from that if possible.

    hmmm looks like i cant use an SD card seeing as its formatted as FAT32 and my game files are > 4GB.

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    Yes you can, you just have to use the Wii Game Manager to transfer the games to the card.
    The games will be split into two files and put into a folder called WBFS.

    Over all I would invest in a HDD.
    It might seem costly at first,But you won't have to worry about your Disc getting ruined.(It Pays For Itself in the long run)
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