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Thread: upgrading to larger hard drive...

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    upgrading to larger hard drive...

    Hi, I am going to upgrade my external usb hard drive. my question is, is there any special way to go about copying it or is it just as simple as using a partition/cloning program you would use to copy any windows drive? can you just copy the files manually also or is there some special issues I need to be aware of? Also is there a way to play the games from a network share on you PC? Thanks!

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    That depends.
    How are your games formatted? Did you make a WBFS partition or do you have it all in Fat32?
    If you have a WBFS partition then yeah you are going to have to use disc cloning software or wii specific programs like wii backupmanager to transfer the files.
    If its all on a Fat32 drive, you don't even need cloning software, there are no hidden files. Just drag and drop them over


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