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Thread: wiiflow wont autoboot in priiloader

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    wiiflow wont autoboot in priiloader

    ok, for the most part, my system is working flawlessly.just updated my softmod. just one annoyance. I want to set wiiflow to autoboot when i turn the system on. every app i have set in priiloader to autoboot works fine except for wiiflow. the power light on the wii turns orange, the tv says no signal, and it freezes. i have to hold the power button in till it turns red then turn it back on to get it to work. wiiflow works great if i launch it from the hbc or the forwarder in system menu. any suggestions ? oh, and i am using the latest version of the wiiflow mod for running gc backups from sd card if that matters.


    i also just noticed if i have wiiflow as the installed file in priloader and tell priiloader to launch installed file, it freezes on a white screen. this is rather odd being that it works fine if i launch it from system menu or HBC

    another issue i have just noticed in wiiflow is that when you try to load any homebrew from it, or even th HBC it's self, you either get a stackdump error, or it freezes on a black screen. anyone know why this would be. everything runs fine if launched from the HBC, and all wii and gamecube games run fine from wiiFlow. I am trying to get everything so it can all be run from a single interface. and no matter what loader i try somthing is always missing to where i need some other loader at some point for somthing. wiiflow seems to be the only one that has EVERYTHING in it the way i like, i just need to get it to work all at the same time


    problem solved. after lots of searching i finaly found out that having a forwared chanel installed for wiiflow isnt good enough. there a fowarder .dol file you have to place on the root of your sd card the select that in priiloader for the installed file, and it will auto from there. i find this kind of odd since any other app i set as the installed app would autoboot just fine without a forwarder .dol file. why must wiiflow have this? as for my other problem of all the home brew apps crashing or freezing when launched from wiiflow, that was solved by making a custom setting for all home brew apps to load off of ios 150 instead of leaving it at auto. once i did that, they all worked great.
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