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Thread: weird updates from disc channel

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    weird updates from disc channel

    I came back home and it show the system update from the disc channel for Kirby's Epicyard ... it wasn't there few hrs ago ... it says that it will delete detect unauthorized software and yes I did enable the block updates for prilloader and now when I came back home again and turn it on.... now on the wii disc channel ,this time it says : update to add new channel for the wii ... rather than it saying that it will remove unauthorized software. I didn't update yet and I'm on 4.3 still.

    Note : it didn't show any updates from wii disc channel before installing the game onto the hard drive using usb loader gx 3.0 and the update didn't show til I turn the console back on. The game was released in 2010.

    update : When I click Yes now it shows Unauthorized software again.

    update : when I update it, it says now updating.... then when I went to wii setting it says been updated to wii 4.3u same system update I have and it didn't remove anything.

    The channels it did added to the wii channel is : Check Mii Out Channel, Internet Channel, Everybody Vote, and Nintendo Channel. . I take that back... it update to 4.3 BUT it doesn't allow Usb Loader Gx to work no more Homebrew still works though.
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    Something similar happened to me. I softmodded using mauifrog's softmod guide, and was on 4.1U. I inserted my New Super Mario Bros Wii disc, and it asked me to update. I had Priiloader with block disc updates and the version patched 4.1 menu, so I acted like Homer Simpson and updated. My Wii was restarted, and everything was (still is) normal, even the settings menu still says 4.1U and SaveMiiFrii also says 4.1 (USA). Only difference was that thee news and weather channels were back (I deleted them with AnyTitle Deleter).
    Red Wii SysMenuX, Priiloader 0.7, Bootmii as IOS 254, USB Loader GX, uLoader 5.1E with external DVD drive, MauiFrog softmod. HBC 1.1, Backup HBC 1.0.3.

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    I update it then went to 249 ios on mmm and it won't reload so i went to usb loader gx it load using 249... now i dont have to click twice to get the loaders or homebrew to work ... weird.... also fixed wiimc issue where the apps freezes up at 18mins

    nevermind, it freezes up at 18mins again.
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