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Thread: Problems using WiiBackup Manager

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    Problems using WiiBackup Manager

    sorry to resurrect a dead thread, but i seriously cannot find a way to create a new thread. and this is probably the closest thread ive found to my problem? lol


    Wiibackupmanager X64 bit. the newest build seems to be glitchy on my screen, the menu buttons dont change the features on the screen, aka

    stupid 1.jpg when i start program up, it looks fine, and things load up and i can put files in no problem whatsoever


    however when i go to load my drive, like i switched the tab over here.. nothing changes, aka the menu bar, which pretty much prevents me from uploading a game. ive had this program before. but had to reformat my drive. so im not quite sure what happened?

    again im sorry for resurrecting, but i hope someone can make a light on this because im pretty stumped, haha

    ALSO: sorry for how small the pictures are, didnt realize they would shrink that much x.x;;;;;;;

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    Gave you your own thread in the newbie discussions forum.

    Have you tried going back to an older version? Im still using x64 0.3.8 with no problems.

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    thanks for doing that ^^

    i havent tried an older version, but finally found 3.8 on 4shared, had to create an account,

    but initial 5 seconds runs much better, thanks for the tip very much!
    hope this helps others if they ever have this strange issue. haah


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