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Thread: i need some help hacking skyward sword

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    Question i need some help hacking skyward sword

    first of all, i tried reading most of the rules here and if i accedently break one im sorry. including the rules to this fourm, i didnt exactly understand them, but i think im ok with posting this here. if in im the wrong section can you please move this to the section it should be in. this is my first post.

    so i use accihito hacks, or something like that to get my hacks. i know the only ones im using are (d-pad control) moonjump, (d-pad control) fall through floors,(?+home) hyper link, and (?+?) infinite health. i also MIGHT be using no fall damage.
    now after i chose those and created a gct i went to gecko and loaded my skyward sword. then when i slected my file and went into it, it SEEMS fine. i can walk around and perform all the cheats. my glory ends when i try to do ANYTHING. like going into another area, accessing a bird statue, unsheathing my sword, i cant do anything at all. the little hint (press A) come up but when i do press it, i hear the sound but nothing happens. is there a cheat that im doing thats conflicting with the code and making it so i cant do anything?

    please help.
    thanks, Zeldatwili

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    This is what happens when you cheat. does not Support Cheating "Online or offline".

    With that said; Thread Closed.

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