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Thread: What is EumNAND and how do i use it to store my saves? (USB Loader GX)

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    Question What is EumNAND and how do i use it to store my saves? (USB Loader GX)

    I have quite recently installed USB Loader GX 2.3 and have come to understand that it is possible to store and load your savegames on an seperate USB-drive using a partial NAND emulation. However, since i am not all that familiar with NAND emulation i do not quite understand how i would proceed to accomplish this. I have found no guides to speak of and discussions on the subject are rare, so i come here begging for help. My aim is to make GX save games to an USB drive, is this possible or do i have to store my saves on my teeny tiny SD card.

    Also, if anyone has the time and patience, could someone explain what EmuNAND is and what the options does.

    I am booting GX from my SD card if that matters.
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    You should probably update to GX 3.0 for the best compatibility. Full NAND emulation is basically using a copy of your Wii's internal memory (the NAND) to play games from. You can install wiiware, channels, etc to it and use them without actually installing anything to the Wii itself. This copy of your NAND is stored on an external device such as a HDD or SD card. GX 3.0 can make this copy for you and also allows you to install channel wads to it. In the settings of GX you can set where you want the backup to be located. You can also set the games to save to Emulated NAND. Simply set the option in the loader and select the custom path you want the games to be saved to.

    If you haven't already done so, you should follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide to get your Wii to the best condition for using nand emulation. The guide also installs GX 3.0.

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