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Thread: Need help with a few issues.

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    Need help with a few issues.

    Okay, I tried poking around the forums and whatnot and since I have no real idea of what I'm doing I got myself more confused.

    Here's my situation:

    A buddy of mine just gave me a Wii that was hacked some time ago. It's missing the sticker on the back where I understand the serial goes, so I can't look it up to find out whats in it - I know he bought it two years ago in a bundle from Toys R' Us during Christmas season but that's all I know. Is there a way to find the serial?

    That's not the only problem.. as I was looking around I read Brick Prevention - and felt the need to facepalm when I realized he has a System Menu Theme installed. I would love to safely remove that like it was never there.

    And apparently - the disc button(Where it shows what is currently loaded into the drive) Was somehow moved to the second page, and I would love to return it to its proper location.

    Lastly - I have no idea whats installed on it and looking around here confused me further. Do I plug the Wii into the computer somehow to find out? I have no idea what he's done to this but I'd love to just remove as much of this crap as I can, dig out my copy of Twilight Princess, and go from there. If someone could point me to a guide or summat to help me sort this out myself, I'd be thrilled. But I have no experience in this stuff and feel like a fish out of water.

    Thanks for your time.

    Ah - and to clarify - while I could probably piece together how to do some stuff given enough time to fiddle with it and read - I really don't want to brick this, and I'd hate to do one thing before I should do another and brick it that way; for example not removing the theme. (And I have no idea how to find out the versions of the stuff installed either.)
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    To get rid of the theme u need to install your wii version system menu. Hold A + B over the channel and that should allow u to move it back.

    I suggest u have a look here and here

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    Not really..
    If you can't move the disc channel, then shut your wii down, and hold reset while turning it back on.
    Now you got into PriiLoader, select System menu hacks.

    Now, I recommend you turn "Block Disk Updates", "Block Online Updates", "RemoveDiagnostic Disc Check", and since you want to move the disc channel, "Move Disc Channel". You want to turn other hacks off(if there are any).
    Now, you can try playing with the hacks, but I recommend you re-softmod first to be on the safe side.

    Follow the link Pob3008 gave you, , and re-softmod.
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