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Thread: Full Brick, boot2 bootmii disappeared...

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    Full Brick, boot2 bootmii disappeared...

    So, I'm pretty sure that my Wii is toast. But maybe there's a way to save it? My symptoms seem to be a bit different than what I've read anywhere else online.

    My Wii is a launch-day model, which was running 4.3U. It's been having trouble for a few months now—periodically it just decides to brick itself. In the past I've been able to get it working again by restoring the NAND via boot2, but with this latest full brick (no a/v output), the boot2 bootmii seems to have disappeared somehow. The drive only flashes once, and putting in an SD card with a bootmii folder doesn't do anything. I also had priiloader installed, but I can't seem to access that either. I have a NAND backup saved, but I don't know how to restore it, since I can't seem to get into boot2. Is it normal for boot2 to just disappear like that?

    The really odd thing is what seems to be causing the bricks: over the last few months I determined that if I left the wii on standby (orange light) for too long, it would re-brick itself. However, if I turned it all the way off (red light), then it would be fine. Are any of you familiar with this issue? I've been looking around a fair amount, and I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere.

    Anyway, because of this, I began to think that there's probably a hardware issue. But I can still turn it on with the wiimote, so that means that the bluetooth module is still working, right? And I just installed a new wifi module a few hours ago, but it didn't fix things. Which leads me to believe that it's a motherboard problem, and that my Wii is fully and completely bricked. But maybe I've missed a step, and it's still possible to save it? Or should I start shopping for a new motherboard, and say a requiem for my poor lost virtual console titles? Any help that any of you guys could give me would be very appreciated. Thanks!

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    with no a/v output, how do you know whats going on?

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    There are only two things I can think of that could remove bootmii/boot2 like this. The most likely option is that it got updated to bootv4, by updating your wii through Nintendo. If you (re-)installed bootmii after updating to 4.3 however, it should not be possible for Nintendo to update it. Another option is a random mutation in the memory of the NAND, but the chances of this happening are very low. So the question is: did you install bootmii/boot2 before or after updating to 4.3 (through the official Nintendo way that is)?

    Anyway, if it's not a hardware issue, it can be fixed with the NAND back-up. If bootmii/boot2 is truly gone, you'll need to contact one of our members with a NAND programmer to do it for you and it will cost you some money, but it can be fixed.
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    .....can you turn it on with the wiimote? (wondering about bluetooth module, can cause some weird stuff if its going/gone)


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    Hi, sorry for taking so long to respond to your helpful suggestions (internet access was unexpectedly spotty for the last week).

    @Bliepo: I did indeed install bootmii/boot2 after I had already updated to 4.3. So maybe it was just one of those rare NAND mutations?

    @BluPhant: Yep, I can still turn it on with my wiimote. That means that the bluetooth module is probably doing fine, right? I was going on that assumption when I skipped straight to replacing the Wifi module, which didn't help.

    Anyway, it looks like you guys are confirming my expectations that the console is shot. Just out of curiosity, what is the general going price for a NAND reprograming? (I live in Virginia, if that matters.) It looks like I can get a replacement motherboard on ebay for $20 (including shipping), so I'll probably go with that route unless reprogramming is a relatively comparable price. Thanks for your help, everyone!

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