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    pLEASE Tell me how to reinstall my system menu 4.3u on my wii i accidentally uninstalled all my ios's

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    Way to go, you killed your wii and yoi likely can only fix it if you have boot2 bootmii which is not likely at all. If you don't have boot2 bootmii, nand programing is likely your only hope, which can only be done if you have your nand keys.

    You should not have uninstalled ios, so when you buy a new wii don't do that next time.

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    how and why the heck did you do that for? This has to be the first i've ever heard of this 0_o Oh and by the way why would you post 2 topics about this? There was already one before man.....
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    Accidentally uninstalled ALL your IOS's? Your Wii is now a good looking $250 (or so) paperweight with a disc drive. My opinion, sell all other parts on eBay, and if your drive can read backups, put it in your PC (it'll look cool) :P
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    Send your Wii for someone who has NAND flash programmer. That's your last hope.
    He could dump the NAND, get the key and rebuild the firmware, probably.


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