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Thread: Will Somebody Please heLP ME iM Havig MAJOR WII ISUES

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    Will Somebody Please heLP ME iM Havig MAJOR WII ISUES

    Iwas wondering how, if possible, to reinstall my system menu on my wii 4.3u i accidentally uninstalled all of my ios's can somebody please help

    i had bootmii installed but as ios because i couldnt install as boot2
    Please if theres no hope please say so
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    Do you have Priiloader installed?

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    Uhm - and your wii is not operate at all? If yes congratulations - you have very nice bricked wii
    Does your drive reads burner dvd discs?
    Do you have mod chip?
    If yes - try savemiifrii method

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    no my wii lights up but thats all it wont show up on screen

    no mod chip softmod
    i can put disks in but noway to see if it reads because tv still shows aux
    you have to have modchip to use savemiifrii right or wrong i hope not but my luck

    priloader is on my sd card but as far as having it installed not sure

    please somebody e-mail me if u can help <<email in open forum is not a good plan>>
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    Closed thread, ref this dupe

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