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Thread: "An error has occurred" USB loader GX and Wind Waker

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    "An error has occurred" USB loader GX and Wind Waker

    I'm getting the "error has occurred, please reset ... blah blah" message when trying to load a Gamecube game from sd via the updated USB loader GX.
    I followed the guide you have posted for it and have the DiosMos Lite installed, Got the clean rip of the game, used DiscEx and put the folder in "games" on a 2gb sandisk micro sd (+adaptor)

    usb loader can see the game, and I get the classic GC sound when loading, but then I get a black screen with the white error message. Hitting reset turns the console off..

    I'm also making sure I have a disk in the drive whilst loading the game as trying without a disk in freezes on a black screen.

    Any tips on how to correct this?

    Also, USB Loader GX won't connect to the network anymore to download the cover arts Ever since updating, it just gets to the "initializing network" stage and just sits there until I cancel out. My network settings on the wii are correct (as is the date and time)

    I'm running a softmodded wii 4.3e using smash stack, modded about a year ago. Am I correct in thinking I may just need a new iOS update? In which case could someone point me in the right direction please ^_^;

    It's nice to see that the new USB loader GX has fixed the bugs I was having with some games! (freezing issues, non-loading with newer games)

    Thanks in advance

    EDIT: am running USB loader GX v3.0 IOS249(rev 210008) (d2x v8final base56)
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    Try a different version of DML, the game compatibility seems to vary by version. Check out the DML thread, it might help you out.

    GX not connecting may be a config file issue, delete them for GX and let it create new ones. I use d2xv7 still and mine works fine. V8 seems to be giving a few people some issues.

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    Fabulous, thank you ^^

    I just installed v1.3 after looking on the compatibility guide, it took a while to load, but it finally loaded GC Loader and the game is loading fine ^_^

    Turns out, I was loading the DML for the NTSC game, not PAL >_<

    Which of the configuration files do I have to delete for usbloader_gx? I see the game/global config files, but no network one?

    Thank you for your help!


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