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Thread: Using faster Hard drive improve wii games loading time?

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    Using faster Hard drive improve wii games loading time?

    Hey guys, does anyone know if using a faster rpm hard drive and bigger cache memory drive will improve the loading times on softmoded wii? I am thinking of buying a bigger hd but not sure if the speed and cache size matter in helping to improve loading time. If anyone can chime in, I would really appreciate. And also is there a limit to the maximum hd size that Wii can handle? Thanks.
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    No, the bottleneck is going to be the wii's 2.0 USB port. The max speeds you are going to see are around 25-30 MB/s no matter what drive you use.
    But it should be loading about the same speed as the disc does anyway

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    In my experience, it actually loads faster with USB.

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    Yes, loading is faster with USB.
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