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Thread: Xenoblade Chronicles problem

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    Ca Xenoblade Chronicles problem

    I recently downloaded a Xenoblade Chronicles PAL iso. I put it on my WBFS usb and started it with Neogamma.

    I forced NTSC so I could play it correctly. I created a game and started playing all right. I managed to reach the place where you kill your first 2 monsters with Shulk. A discussion then started. Around half of it, my controller just disconnecter itself and I couldn't connect it back. A few seconds later the sount cut off. However, the character still moved. I restarted my wii and passed this issue by skipping the scene.

    I kept playing and reached the 1st town. I took a few quests and when I ventured outside, the same thing happened. My character kept running straight forward and i couldn't do anything.

    I hate this thing and I wish to fix it. My wii is 4.3U and i do not know my rev (don't know how to check it). I read somewhere I needed to be in rev19, could you please confirm this and tell me how to easily get it?

    Thanks a lot in advance

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