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Thread: USB Drive Problem

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    USB Drive Problem

    Sooo, I'm back with more problems. I have a 500GB usb powered drive that I play all of my back ups off of. I was playing today and everything was fine. I went on my computer and removed a wbfs file from it, and replaced it with a different one (with a mod menu) and went to plug it in. When I boot CFG loader, it says
    ERROR mount USB/NTFS1 (3001)
    Cannot find partition NTFS
    So it can't find the partition that all of my games and stuff is on, about 65 gigs. I had safely removed it, and I do not understand why it all of a sudden, 15 minutes after it works, it doesn't. It's formatted as NTFS for all of the space, no logical/secondary partitions.

    On a side note, I've had trouble in the past creating a WBFS partition, which would reduce alot of time I spend converting and stuff...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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    Try taking the game you just put on it off,and see if that solves the problem.

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    Not for nothing, but having a WBFS formatted partition in 2012 is.... unnecessary. Is there a particular reason you've opted to use WBFS?


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    Its not WBFS, its NTFS. I can't get it to go to WBFS. And I took the game off, jax, and it gave me the same error. Its formatted now as NTFS1, which apparently isn't valid or readable or something. 3001 again

    There's a folder in the wbfs folder, called New Folder, and it says "Cannot [insert action, ie remove, rename, etc] New Folder: The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable"
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    You can't remove it manually ,with out using the game manager?

    Your other option is ,Re-Formatting the drive.
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    This is no bueno. I'm creating a primary wbfs partition now, just to see if it'll mount that
    It actually allowed me to create another partition this time, so hopefully it will work.
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