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Thread: Cheat code Help

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    Cheat code Help

    Hi all
    I have done various mods to my wii over the years always with the excellent help and support of the wiihacks community. Even when I dont quite understand, the tutoorials/guides have steered me right. my jap wii, in australia now has 3.2E, and I can play most locally bought PAL games (so my kids really think I am some sort of a Wiizard- but it's not me it's all you guys-thanks!)
    I really want to start using some cheat codes in MH3 offline.
    I have gecko,HBC, HBB, code downloader, code manager etc, but have not been able to get any of the cheats to work.
    I seem to be only able to download the Jap codes? (or my wii only sees these) is this because the original OS was Japanese, so must i only work with these codes?
    Also when I switch the codes from TXT to gct, do I have to manually change the folder name with the codes to have the same game ID as the one I own?

    when I go to load the came thru gecko it says no sd codes found.
    I know I am doing something NOOBISH, but please help me look good here!
    thanks in advance

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    I'm sorry to inform u but Wii hacks doesn't support cheating, online or offline, thread closed

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