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Thread: Just pulled out the old NDSi and stupidly updated firmware!!

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    Unhappy Just pulled out the old NDSi and stupidly updated firmware!!

    I have a DSoneI flashcart.. I hadn't updated the firmware in a long time and went from V1.4 to V1.4.4A, but did so after reading up on whether or not the DSoneI firmware was up to date. Now I'm on V1.4.4A. I've spent the last 6 hours or so looking to find a firmware upgrade for the cart' (even on the official site), but am having trouble.. There's this new DSoneI EOS that is very new to me.. and when I load it up I get chunky orange boxes with nothing written in them. I managed to use "updateen.bin" to upgrade an 8Gb micro SD successfully (as in the firmware writer blinked for several minutes then went to a green light) but now it has the orange boxes with some writing, but I can not get anything to load on my DSi at all... I have tried to update a 16Gb microSD but the usb firmware writer (USB) immediately goes red. Where as the 8GB microSD actually flashed and wrote the firmware on to the MicroSD..
    I have tried to manually install the files I need (I think it's called a DSoneI mini installation) without the firmware writer, but coming up with the same result. I wouldn't have updated the firmware on the DSi if I knew this was going to be the outcome!! Lol....
    I have just checked the page where you can d/l'd all these files and it doesn't say anything about V1.4.4A.. just V1.4.4....... So I guess I may have to wait a while for them to get on top of this newer firmware.. I'm just crossing my fingers it'll happen soon!!
    Here's the link to the DSoneI's pages (hoping this isn't against forum rules) : SUPERCARD DS(onei) unlimited Upgrade
    SuperCard Official Site
    DSONE/i EOS Download_SuperCard Official Site

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, as I'm feeling a little stupid right now...
    Thanks guys and gals!!

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    Sorry, i really don't know much about this cart, but according to the update guide from the official site, it is not that difficult to update your card. All i can recommend is format your SD card and then try again. if it is still not working, i am afraid you need to buy a new one later.
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