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Thread: Usb loader gx problem

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    Usb loader gx problem

    I have downloaded and installed homebrew and usb loader gx onto a sd card. It works yay! one problem though. i have loaded an iso onto a usb using WBFS manager and everything went well with that. now i plugged in the usb with the iso on it and loaded up usb loader gx. when i go into usb loader gx it says

    USB Device not found. Switching to channel list mode.

    I clearly have a usb in the wii port and cannot figure out what is wrong

    please help asap

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    Is your Hdd on the Compatibility list?

    Did you format your drive the right way,Primary and active?

    Do you have the Hdd connected to the right port?(looking from the back)

    ASAP Huh!!Lmao
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