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Thread: Neogamma suddenly not loading Xenoblade Chronicles backup

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    Neogamma suddenly not loading Xenoblade Chronicles backup

    Just a fews days ago I softmodded my Wii using Mauifrog's guide. Everything was working great. I have my copy of Xenoblade backed up onto a DVD-r. Now unfortunately I don't have the money to order some top quality disks, even as cheap as they are, all I have laying around are Kodak DVD-Rs, but I tried this with 3 backups, including Xenoblade, and they were all working fine, but just now Neogamma stopped loading just Xenoblade.

    The message I get is says "DVD+R/ Bad Burn/ DL". I go and try the disk in WiiFlow now and it works perfectly fine. Is this just a case of one program not liking the disk I'm using, or is something more sinister going on here?

    Edit: And now it works. Don't know what the deal was. I'd appreciate it still if anyone has any ideas what happened. I'm still a bit concerned.
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    I believe you answered your own question.
    Seeing how it's working right now and before it wasn't.
    I would say it could be the Disc and I wouldn't be surprised if it stops working again, maybe for good.
    Invest in a HDD.(This will save your disc drive )

    Yes, like anything else in life programs are picky.
    By sinister, do you mean like a gremlin being in your wii.(Just Joking)
    No nothing sinister about this,some disc brands work better then others.

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    Alright, well, good news and bad news. The bad news is my disc drive is busted. It possibly was on it's way before I softmodded my Wii, it did sound like it at least. The good news is the HDD that I thought wouldn't work, works just fine.

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