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Thread: Wii Remote disconnect during Homebrew apps (sorry if this a second post)

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    Wii Remote disconnect during Homebrew apps (sorry if this a second post)

    Hello all.

    Sorry if this is a second post. I seriously thought I posted yesterday but cannot find it. I may have deleted message before actually posting. Again, i searched and couldn't find it, i am sorry if this is a repeat.

    I have a old wii (4.1u) with softmod on it. I did the Lego hack a go while back. probably almost a year ago. The last 3 months my original Super Mario Brothers Wii and my back up of my Mario Kart will load and then I will get the game error disc, report to manual black screen. I follow a guide on youtube to play my backups from my flash drive. I found out that it was possibly the wrong guide as it was for a 4.3u wii. Now when going into any apps from homebrew, the controllers disconnect. I have old controllers, not the wii motion. My other originals work fine, just my original mario brothers does not. I read the 27 page post about the wii motion troubles and other post, but did not find anything that seemed to work. Please help. Thanks in advance, and I apologize again if this is a repost.
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    Install the cios pack from the softmod any wii guide linked in my signature. Your syscheck show some old ones. See if that helps.

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    Thanks for the reply. I did as you said; however, I am getting the same results. Wii remote turns off on USB Loader and other apps. It will stay on to start Wad Manager, but turns off when the option comes to install a wad.

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    Try to reset the sync on your remotes. Holding in the red sync button for 15 seconds while at the health and warning screen will clear the memory. After that sync your controllers one by one. Use the sync buttons, not the 1+2 buttons method.

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    Hello. I just tried that method. It did not work. Should I remove soft mod and then re-apply it? Could I have screwed something up with Cios or something. I could be wrong though. Again, the tutorial was for the 4.3u and I have a 4.1u. Any other suggestions?

    Hello all.

    I followed the "Soft Any Wii" guide and now the controllers are working with homebrew apps. I had bootmii on my wii for so long and feel a little lost without it. How do I install back so my wii boots to bootmii? I am still having trouble with USBLoader GX and WiiFlow. I also followed the format hdd guide (I am using a flash drive, still following that guide?). With USBLoader GX, when trying to install a game, it recognize the disc and flash; however, the progress bar goes directly to 100% and then it stalls (I can still move the wii remote and icon shows, music is heard, but nothing else). With Wiiflow it install the game, but the game does not load (can hear the intro music, but wiiFlow select game screen is still active). I seen two different guides for fixing this (one for udate bios, i think it is dx2 and another for blackscreens, freeze). Thanks a lot for all the help. Can I have some more please?
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