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Thread: help with updating shopping channel

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    help with updating shopping channel

    i've just softmodded my wii yesterday and have run into a little problem. after i finished softmodding i tried to go into the shopping channel but it told me i needed to update before i could. i have been trying to follow RED GHOSTS guide into doing this by using the online installation. i have got as far as installing selecting my region and installing.
    but the next step on the guide is to:
    Step 4- Now select IOS and choose IOS56 and install
    this option doesnt appear to me on the screen when ive finished the installation. i tried changing the iso manually but when i loaded the shopping channel it came up with a blue screen saying error002 and telling me to remove disk and turn the power off.

    has anybody experienced this problem before and what would i have to do to sort it out?

    Many thanks


    sorry for being a complete noob but ive just found the change and install iso option and i thought id cracked it..... but no it trys to load ios was from sd card but just says:
    could not open file:sd:/ios56-64-v5662.wad
    could not open file:sd:/wad/ios56-64-v5662.wad
    could not open file:sd:/wad/wiimod/ios56-64-v662.wad

    any idea's?

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    If you had followed THIS GUIDE to mod your wii then you would have already installed the shop channel update.

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    yes thanks for that. As i was reading through the guide, when it got to that part it sounder like a optional thing to do and as i already had the shopping channel installed i thought i wouldnt need it (how wrong was i). ive managed to sort it now anyway. i used the offline guide instead and it sorted it straight away. Thanks.


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