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Thread: Nitendo DSi accidently updated to v1.4.4A

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    Cool Nitendo DSi accidently updated to v1.4.4A

    hi guys
    my young bro accidently updated his NDSi to v1.4.4A
    he had a original R4tt wich was already hacked and we played games
    is it possible for me to rehack it mod it or watever ??

    (im actually gud at psp cfw etc coz i gt am kinda new in this shit)

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    Hi, i am sorry to tell you currently r4i tt haven't released the update patch for DSi V1.44 yet. you need to buy another better flashcart which updates more frequently. i always recomment people buy the R4i gold 3ds (official site: or Acekard 2i. More details just check here.

    Edit: you can also take a look at here: don't know whether this will work for your card, just a guess.
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    Do yourself a favor, don't buy crappy flashcarts.

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