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Thread: Help! Wii fully bricked with no audio/video signals! >.<

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    Unhappy Help! Wii fully bricked with no audio/video signals! >.<

    Hello everybody

    I need to know all the possible ways to unbrick my sista’s fully bricked Wii before she realizes and I become a dead man >.<”…

    I will try to thoroughly describe what I did so others can learn from my mistakes:
    I tried downgrading the Wii firmware to 4.1 (using DOP-Mii v16), when I accidentally chose 4.3 instead of 4.1… I tried to stop the process by pressing B many times (The process already started). After a while, a frozen black screen with some written stuff (I dnt remember wht it said… something with three titles and three paragraphs) appeared. Because it was frozen, I restarted the Wii and tried to downgrade my Firmware to 4.1 one more time (the Wii turned on normally). I opened DOP-MII, I chose to download the required files from the internet wireless, and when the process started I realized some of the files were not being downloaded (missing)… when the process finished, the screen went frozen-black again (with the same stuff as mentioned before) and I had to restart it again. However, this time, the Wii console stopped sending audio/video signals to the Tv (NO BLACK SCREEN… I can tell bcs my Tv can indicate if it is receiving signals). I tried turning it on many times, but the only thing the Wii console does is having the red-green light on, the blue light (from the disk reader) on… when I insert a Wii videogame, the Wii console makes sounds like if the CD is being read, but nothing else happens… the wii controllers cannot connect to the console(Bluetooth doesn’t work)…

    I have been reading a lot of articles about how to repair Full Bricks (which I assume is my case), but there are no hopes since they all say that I had to install those Brick prevention apps like Bootmii, etc, but I didn’t know I cud do that -__-“… Since I have an old Gamecube w/controllers, I modified one control, connected to the Wii’s 4th port, and pressed up,down,left,right but nothing happens (I assume it is bcs the Wii’s firmware got seriously damaged or changed). I remember the Wii had a 4.3U firmware… idk if I can use the trick of getting a new Wii game (with the latest Firmware updater) to make the trick one more time and fix the Wii, but if this trick cannot be applied to this Full Brick case scenario, I would like to know what else I can do to fix it (everything except going to the big N pls)…
    The only tools I have are the old Gamecube w/ controllers, and this Zelda: Princess Twilight game that she used to play… T_T”

    Summary of Symptoms:
    -No audio/video signals sent to TV
    -Green light is on
    -When inserted a Wii videogame, looks like it is being read, but nothing is shown in TV
    -Wii controllers cannot be connected

    I hope someone here gives me sum hope by helping me solve this problems plss… Thx. .@_@.

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    Well Im not supposed to say where i live on the internet but here it goes... Perth Australia...
    It's a nasty full brick you got. There is one way which should in theory force it to start working again. If you were to get your hands on a SaveMii dongle you could use that in conjunction with a disk containing a firmware a higher than the one you currently had. This is the most realistic way I see because of the severity of the brick and the lack of bootmii and NAND dumps to fall back on. Another way can be to fix it by NAND programming where you could flash the NAND but it's not an option for most people. If you can get a savemii then you have a realistic chance.
    Good luck.

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    -Talking about the SaveMii dongle, is that true that the modified Gamecube controller works completely d same as d SaveMii dongle?...

    -Well, I remember that before I attempted changing the wii’s firmware, the firmware was 4.3U. However, since the wii has been bought on June-(through/or)-September from 2011, I was thinking if this 4.3U firmware is the latest one. Or what is the latest firmware available in any new wii game rghtnow?...

    -Remember when I mentioned that my wii is not sending video/audio signals to the Tv? Well, here’s another qstion: If I were to rent this wii videogame with the latest Firmware available in any rental store and try to do this trick one more time, with the CD inserted first, and then turning it on, will this trick work? Will my wii be able to send audio/video signals to the Tv, launch the firmware updater, and save the wii?... I remember reading one article with one Similar case (no AV signals), and this one guy mentioned something about the audio/video driver inside the wii being damaged, so it had to be replaced… I was really scared when I read that cuz mine is not sending AV signals either, but the Disk reader seems to work.. so idk wht to think…

    -I dnt think I will be able to do the NAND programming… thts too much for me :/… So how realistic are my chances now?

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