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Thread: Am I ready to play back ups on my modded wii?

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    Exclamation Am I ready to play back ups on my modded wii?

    First off I may have posted in the wrong place and im sorry if I did but im desperate. Okay so before anyone ask yes I do own the game I have a backup for its Legend of Zelda Skyward sword but I let my cousin borrow it so she can play and beat the game. I have a softmodded wii on v.4.3U and it has the homebrew channel and the Usb Loader GX or w/e I'm using WBFS right now to put the game back up on my 8gb USB drive. Yes I formatted it for WBFS. What I'm still wondering is though is my wii ready to play back up games yet or do I need another app on my wii. If so please tell me what app and where to get it I have to homebrew browser too. Please help me out and my softmod was via Letterbomb if anyone was wondering.

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    Assuming you followed the soft mod any wii guide from this site and your usb Thumb drive is compatible ,then yes it should work.
    Check here to see if your thumb drive is compatible--->Usb compatibility list

    No you will not need the homebrew browser,that is where you get programs from.( that people have made or improved on.Like emulators and games.etc.)
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