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Thread: stuck at the first step - Please help?!?!?

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    stuck at the first step - Please help?!?!?

    Hi Everybody.

    im new to all this so i was wondering if anybody can help me. i have a wii on the 3.1e system menu and im following the guides on this site to install the homebrew and bootmii using bannerbomb v1 and cant seem to get my sd card to read in my wii. it said in the thread to:

    alternate BBv1 files-B, C,

    D, E- If the boot.dol does not load, try these, just extract to sd:\

    i didnt really understand this at first but did (i think) eventually. i saved them and extracted them to my sd card, trying them one at a time. i presumed i had to overwrite the original 'private' file with each of these b,c,d & e untill something worked. but no nothing has happened. it just doesnt bring any of the files up when trying to load them through the data managment - channels - sd card. has anybody ever experienced this before?

    thanks and sorry if this sounds gibberish...

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    i have been reading up on this problem of sd cards not being read and some people say get a copy of new super mario brothers and install 4.1 menu? or would it be a better ideal to skip the bannerbomb v1 and connect my wii to the internet, update to latest version and try the letterbomb route? thanks again


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