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Thread: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Split Screen

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    Super Mario Galaxy 2 Split Screen

    Not sure if this has been posted before or in the wrong section (Lock if already, move if its in the wrong area), but I have found, not made, a cool mod. It's from Mr.Bean and Chadderz, the Mario Kart hackers. This is from the description:

    That's right, you'll soon be able to play Super Mario Galaxy 2 with a friend! And by that, I mean properly, not as a co-star luma

    This is a preview/teaser of a new hack/mod coming for Super Mario Galaxy 2: split-screen multiplayer. This will boot via Riivolution and will enable you to play Super Mario Galaxy 2 with a friend on the same Wii, both of you controlling one character, either Mario or Luigi.

    Chadderz made some astonishing progress on this in the past couple of weeks, successfully splitting the screen, making each character react to a different controller, making the buttons work properly, making one Mario and one Luigi appear in the first place, and most importantly... making sure the game doesn't freeze. It's unbelievable how fast this all came together, actually, he's truly outdone himself this time.

    The mod will not be available for a while yet. As may be apparent in the video, some things are clearly out of place; such as the HP meters, which not only aren't on-screen properly, but only show Player 2's HP :P The camera control is also proving difficult with the two screens, and so Mario and Luigi currently can't stray too far from each other (hence they're together a lot in this preview). When it IS available, you can bet that there'll be a new video uploaded, and me and Chadderz will probably play through the entire game together, so stay tuned to this channel

    As for the gameplay in this video, it's not amazing, I know. That's because I was controlling both characters all the time, attempting to use two controllers at once (there was not a lot we could do about that one, Chadderz wasn't available :P) Still, I hope it gives a good impression of what you can do with it in its current form and potential for the future! I also show off what it's like on the star select screen and upon life loss to show you how the game dynamically splits the screen ready for 2 players

    As for how the game will play with multiplayer, it'll go like this. Both characters will have their own HP meter, and freedom to explore, kill enemies, etc. Lives, starbits and coins are shared, and if either player loses a life, both players have to go back to the beginning/to the checkpoint that they last obtained. It seems that if one player encounters a cutscene, the other player will be warped to that location (for things like boss fights, to avoid glitches that may occur from having a character outside the fight). Mario and Luigi will also be able to interact with each other, knocking each other around should they see fit, but obviously no damage will be taken from friendly fire :P

    News outside of Super Mario Galaxy 2: Yes, everything is still in development. The CTGP-R is currently getting a channel coded for it, which is headed up by me and I'm working on it during my free time, as Chadderz was working on this mod. So both things are well under way, and we appreciate your patience in waiting for releases

    Thanks for watching, and I'll see you all another time! Support and comments would also be greatly appreciated

    tl;dr CHADDERZ IS A GOD!
    It is really amazing how two kids could make this.
    Thanks to Peire to making the awesome sig and avatar!

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    This looks very good, but, just out of curiosity: Why use split screen at all? I know it would allow the characters go in entirely different directions, but I think it would be more fun if it just locked the characters from getting too far apart and zoomed out a bit as they did. Maybe an option between modes of split screen, and same screen?


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