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Thread: hdd problem

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    Exclamation hdd problem

    So I have a western digital 80gb in a rack. I did read guides about setting it up, but still confused. Not sure if it's incompatible.
    So thing is I think it's formated as wbfs, but pc still recognises it, letting me thus browsing it. Since wii game manager didn't work (this gave me first doubts). I found another program to copy wbfs games though. I plugged the hdd after to the wii and opened uloader, program I use, and it said no games found.
    Now I'm not sure if it would work with iso, haven't tried yet. Problem is I dont have any pcs at hand atm. I will try later with a wd 500 gb to see. Anyway any tips?

    My wii is softmodded. Forgot version. I can check if needed. Also idk if game loader might be the problem, I haven't tried others. I think I have neogama too.
    Also, what does incompatibility really mean? Does it mean that only games won't work, or it won't read pictures, movies etc ?

    Hdd is the problem... worked on a different pc. Actually it showed what I wanted: recognised but asks to format.
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