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Thread: Need help with loading games from usb

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    Need help with loading games from usb

    I have successfully installed HBC on my Wii (4.3u), using the Letterbomb method. HBC functions correctly, I was even able to install and use WiiMC to play my movies from a External HDD. Where I ran into the problem was trying to install the DOP-Mii, and cIos... when i go to either from the homebrew menu my wiimote shuts off and i cannot proceed with any steps. USB Loader GX cannot locate any hdd because i cannot continue with installing the ios's (which will not function without the Cios222 installed or w/e correct?). Are the Wiimotes not working because they are the new blacks ones? ive seen something about this somewhere. Im new to modding wiis any help would be awesome, and thanks in advance.

    Removed outside Link - the guide i was going off of mostly with some help from other posts of course

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    You Should Have a look at the link NSDCars5 provided.
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    Damn, that guide looks dangerous! IOS15, Dop-Mii! Just softmod using the "Softmod ANY Wii" guide here: . All of that guide's apps are confirmed to work with all Wiimotes.
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