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Thread: Controllers not working...

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    Controllers not working [FIXED]

    EDIT: This issue has been fixed. It seems the "region free" settings in Priiloader somehow screwed up the Wiikey's ability to detect Gamecube controllers. Don't ask me, but it works now with those turned back off.

    I just softmodded my Wii, following the "Soft mod any wii" guide to the letter. All that went fine. But I also installed a Wiikey Fusion. Whenever I boot into the Wiikey, the Wii remote turns off (for all I know this could be normal). But the gamecube controller doesn't work either. I can use the menu with the buttons on the system, but when I boot into a gamecube game, the gamecube controller still doesn't work. I've tried two controllers, and neither work. They work fine in the one USB loader app (forget which one). So I know it isn't a problem with the controllers.

    System is 4.2u. I've updated the wiikey firmware to 1.5, which I did with the system buttons, and still not working. I got the Wiikey to be able play gamecube games easily. I haven't tried a wii game in the fusion, because I don't have a large enough SD card. But it's possible the wii remote doesn't work either (since it turns off when booting into the wiikey).

    I've searched google, and here, and can't seem to find anyone with this issue. Both of my controllers are third party controllers, but I've never had a problem with them in any other context. Besides, I know both work with the wiikey because I've seen gamecube portables built with both these controllers.

    Any help would be appreciated. Even just, any ideas to try, or theories, anything.
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    Glad you got it to work

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    I have the same problem with the controllers but I don't know what "priiloader" is... any ideas on how I could fix it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SanC View Post
    I have the same problem with the controllers but I don't know what "priiloader" is... any ideas on how I could fix it?
    i suspect finding out about priiloader and if u have it installed may go a long way to solving your issue


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