Wii-U will have protection from people posting and drawing any kind of "Offensive" materials.
The problem is that it "Could" have a 30 Minute lag,which Satoru Iwata said it to be "Acceptable".

I don't have a problem with the protection,because I have children,But thirty minutes to get a message and or drawing.This seems to be going to the extreme when it comes to protecting us from offensive materials.

The first line of defense will be from a Software program, that will pick up on profanity Etc.
The second step of protection will come in the form of "Human Resources", because they know people will use alternative spelling to try and by pass the security.That's why they will be hiring people to monitor Miiverse.Which might cause this 30 Minute delay.
The third line of protection comes from the community itself.You will be able to flag a person who has sent you some sort of profanity in the form of a message or a Drawing.
But Satoru Iwata Said, By then it's to late.The person has already seen the profanity. This is where Human resources comes in to play.

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