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Thread: Do I have bootmii installed..and NeoGamma pre-requisites?

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    Do I have bootmii installed..and NeoGamma pre-requisites?

    Hi, I traded my PS2 and Singstar games for an already softmodded wii a a year ago. It came with 5 original game discs as well as a small 16Gb usb HDD that had backups of those games on it. Also on the HDD is a folder called NANDs, and inside this folder is another folder called bootmii(with 3 files in it) and 2 files keys.bin & nand.bin. The wii did not come with any SD card though, nor any GameCube controllers. When I hold the Reset button and power up, it goes to Priiloader.. how do I get it to go to bootmii, AND How do I know if bootmii is in fact already installed on the wii?

    The reason I'm asking is that I have a game WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011, that plays off the original but gets stuck on the "loading" screen if I back it up to the HDD??!? I purely want to be able to run this game from a backup disc or the HDD as I like keeping new things looking new for as long as possible. Another game that doesn't work off the USB is DefJamRapStar, but it too runs fine from the original disc. I read somewhere that I should install NeoGamma to play backup discs, but how do I check if my current wii state can use NeoGamma right away or if I need to still do some other installs before NeoGamma will work? The version of the wii I recall seeing on one of the screens was 4.2(something), and the app to load from the HDD is Configurable USB Loader. I see the Homebrew channel and another channel that says wiiMC, for playing original DVD movies (this is what the guy told me but I have never used this channel as I am not into watching movies)

    I have no modding experience whatsoever but I want to start somewhere.. please enlighten me!

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    in the HBC "homebrew channel" hit the home button should be an option to get load bootmii. you may nee to update your cIOS. a system check would be helpful for us. link is in my signature for that.

    as for Neogamma it can be run as a channel or from the HBC. a matter of preference. it will run in your current state but as i said may need to update your cIOS for all games to work.

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    The bootmii files need to be on your sd card for it to launch.

    Honestly, sounds like you need to make a run thru the Softmod ANY Wii guide. It will update everything for you.

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