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Thread: Softchip loader and neogamma neither work ! Plzzz help

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    Exclamation Softchip loader and neogamma neither work ! Plzzz help

    m a new user so please forgive if this is a bad question
    ive installed hbc using letter bomb following this guide.Removed link to outside site.

    Now the problem is
    i want to play games from copied wii disks (those pirated ones)
    but neither softchip loader nor neogamma loads them
    softchip displays "lctl error : id_readid" something like this n neogamma says a bunch of things
    dvd sumthing sumthing n in the end drive too new

    Ive searched a lot
    gone through a lot of posts but no help

    Please please help me
    also my usb loader says no usb device evn aftr i formatted with wbfs n put the usb in the left usb port

    All my hacking hours hv gone to waste :'(
    please help me out !!!!!!
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    Sorry, here at Wiihacks piracy isn't supported. So you'll receive no help regarding that subject. Thread closed.


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