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Thread: 'Ello.

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    Cool 'Ello.

    WiiHacks, we've had good times. In fact, I can't even remember the last time I was here; I know it was before WiiHacks looks the way it does now. Does anyone remember that old vBulletin scheme? I was around back in 2008 because I remember my first time getting the Wii along with Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and I remembered trying to hard to learn how to hack that Wii, get Ocarina with it, and trying to find a way to use that Wario-Man hack at the beginning of matches. Good times, good times.

    Anyway, that was an awfully-long time ago, and since then I've sold my Wii. It's actually hilarious as of how I ended up having it sold, I brought it over to GameStop, forgetting that I had all the mods still in it (let alone, the theme was still in tact). The cashier plugs the Wii up and turns it on, sees the dark-red-like theme I had for it, and clicked on the first channel of which was "supposed" to be the disc channel (I had actually moved it somewhere else and had a USB Loader channel in-place). He thought nothing of it and I was able to get... I think $70 out of that Wii. And the funny part about that Wii was that it was semi-bricked because of the theme (which is why I had learned my lesson from using pre-made themes, the one's that come in as .csm instead of the other, I think). But anyway, if he had gone into the settings, the Wii would have stopped working. I had some type of version on there that was newer than the theme I had installed, so yeah. Needless to say, when my brother tried to trade in his modded Wii, they did not accept it. I wonder if they had ever sold my semi-bricked, modded Wii and gotten some negative feedback from a customer? I'd 'reckon the Wii would've been trashed before that happened, though, since I -think- they process it and look through it before selling it, but I don't know how GameStop works it these days.

    Anyway, if I could remember the account I had used back then, I'd be using it now. But I do not know the account, nor the e-mail and password, so it'll just have to rest-in-piece, where-ever it's at. Regardless, I'm a newbie as of this account, so I might as well get over it. It's nice to be back, and while I may no longer own the Wii, I do plan on buying the Wii U at launch. I'd imagine you guys would also cover some hacking guides with that console eventually, so I might as well re-join and look forward to modding it someday. Hopefully I'll be able to soft-mod it again as of the Wii, I wouldn't be looking to forward to actually buying a mod-chip for the Wii U, but whatever works will work, yeah?

    So yeah, it's great to be back! I don't think I'll be able to remember any of you guys, sadly, but who knows?

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