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Thread: Wii U Screen Isnít Multitouch Due To Cost

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    Wii U Screen Isnít Multitouch Due To Cost

    Nintendo has confirmed on Game Trailers that the Wii U touchscreen isnít multitouch due to costs. Nintendo believes the Nintendo DS screen was adequate enough for gamers, and they believe the same for the Wii U GamePad controller. Charlie Scibetta says that Nintendo is trying to strike the right balance between the robust set of features and capabilities for the hardware, but also make it affordable to people.

    Source: Game Trailers

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    Still... controller with built-in touch screen will be expensive. Now a genuine WiiMote Plus is around 69 euros in my country so I imagine this controller alone will probably cost as much as a DSi which is around 149 euros.

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    I wonder what the initial cost of the entire Wii U system plus this controller will be. Also, how much will the Wii U classic controller cost?

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    I'm guessing around 500$ for the initial release without the controller and with around $600-$650 in american currency (since some people here tend to use euros)

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    I just watched an X-play podcast about the comparison between the X-box's Smartglass and the Wii U's controller. They said that they Wii U should be released for $299 and drop to $199 by the third month. Ha.


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