I am new to the forum (and to the wii).

I really like the sound coming from the wii remote in the games. It totally gives a new dimension to the games in my opinion. Especially for Mario Sports and Mario Kart.

So far my favourite game is Mario Kart. I read that i can play this game both with gamecube controllers and classic controllers. (So far i am trying it with nunchuck but it is still not satisfactory to me as an old playstationer.) What i wonder is if i buy a classic controller and plug it to the wii remote, does sound still come from remote? I might buy classic controller instead of a gamecube controller if it is so. I searched google and nothing came up which probably means the answer is no, but i still wanted to try my luck here.

Also does classic controller has any advantage over gamecube controller in general? I guess everything you can do with a classic controller can be done via gamecube controller, plus gamecube controllers can be used in gamecube games. As my wii has gamecube ports, buying a gamecube controller (a wireless one ) seems like a good choice. Am i missing something here?

Thanks in advance.