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Thread: Wii Remote toubles with CFG channel

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    Wii Remote toubles with CFG channel

    My wii remote has been working fine with the usb loader for a long time now, and all of a sudden whenever i click the channel the lights go out, and it just stays on the CFG screen.
    My wii remote(s) are old and they are not the PLUS version.
    Any suggestions?

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    What Version of CFG loader are you using?

    What is installed on your Wii?(System Check Will Show You This.)

    Have you tried to load the games with the USB Loader GX or WiiFlow?

    Have you tried an update to the CFG Loader?(Replace It With A New Version.)

    P.S. Have you looked at this--->Blacksrceens & Freezes & Cause & Solutions
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