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Thread: Few doubts on softmodding WII

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    Few doubts on softmodding WII

    I read the below complete guide here on soft modding Wii.

    I have a few doubts:

    1. Do we need a Game Disc in the drive to soft mod wii when using this guide?

    (On other sites I read a game disc, LEGO indiana jones is needed to softmod it. Also in the above guide in the "letterbomb" method it says "No Game Disc Required". Does it mean the Bannerbomb method does require a game disc?)

    2. What happens to the region of the Wii. My Wii Region is Europe and it is untouched without any tampering with any mods. I would like to install the MOD PACK for Europe so that it remains in Europe region (I do not want to change the region or tamper it). But the doubt I have is that, after the softmodding, whether the Wii would be region free or not?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    There are disc exploits for SM 4.3 or you can use letterbomb which does not require a disc. Wiis on SM (system menu) 4.2 and lower can be modded without a disc.

    You wii will still be the same region unless you choose to change that. With usb loading you will be able to play games from any region..

    If you have any other questions about the guide, please ask them in that thread.

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