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Thread: lost EA pass codes

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    lost EA pass codes

    hi all been a while since iv been on wii hacks if any one can help us i know its you lot. iv tried EA what a wast of time

    what it is iv lost my EA pass codes for bf3 and medal of honour on the ps3. when the first GT academy came out i had to make an account with them but i couldnt use my psn name so i used a different one. and that changed my psn name dont know why. so now i have 2 psn names on one email address and can only log into my 2nd one

    my bf3 and MOH the online passes were downloaded on my first name

    iv had a bigger hard drive in as well so when i go to recent down loads my passes arenít in there.

    i dont know whos worse at the mow for trying to get more cash out of us after we spend £40 on a game EA or capcom

    Thanks all

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    It came with the box. Also if you had the box it came with then just call with sku number. If not then EA wont help because there is just to much pirating happening!!!!


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