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Thread: Format a softmodded wii ?

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    Format a softmodded wii ?

    Hello, i am fairly new to all this, i like to understand why things work not just that they do so have learnt alot in the process of softmodding my wii, but i have read somewhere that using the format option on a softmodded wii is a bad thing. i cant see any reason for this because unless im missing somthing

    1)Formatting don't touch any IOS, Therefore bootmii as ios254 should be left intact
    2)i might of missed somthing here, but i think priiloader moves the system menu foward and boots itself before the system menu, i can't see formating moving everything back again, but you never know

    3)The homebrew channel WILL be wiped out on system format, but can i not just reinstall it with bannerbomb, or other means(as bannerbomb will still work on a 4.3 with the priiloader patch to bypass the error screen)

    if im missing somthing, could one of you kind folks please explain what screws up if you format a softmodded wii if anything, because if its safe i would like to do it, if its not, id like to know exactly what goes wrong when you do it

    Also does your friend code change after a format, i heard it does


    [spoiler]hmm..seems the parental control update stubs ios249 and 250.... never heard of that before maybe its a new thing.

    Ok, i have just seen what it screws up and fixed it too lol. it screws up wiiconnect24 and internet connection in general. i reinstalled my system menu from wad manager and it was all ok again. Reinstalled priiloader as system menu wad would of wiped it out. looks like i found the answer to my own question and now other people will know lol. also stubbed a few 200+ ios's after the system menu wad install, easy fix.

    also, if anyone here knows why it stops you connecting to wiiconnect, i would like to know.

    Ok i just tried it, as i thought the homebrew channel went as i expected it too. i booted into priiloader to re enable bannerbomb. got a message could not find hacks_hash.ini on nand or sd. i know its not on the sd because i deleted it, so formating removes this from the NAND too. put hacks_hash.ini back on the sd and re enabled bannerbomb, re installed HBC from hackmii installer, run syscheck, no IOS had changed. Friend code did change as i half expected, but it don't matter to me as i have no friends .

    i havn't seen any bad side effects yet and am still wondering why its advised against, maybe somthing to do with the korean wii's that everyone seems to have region changed.

    my wii is :

    original UK pal wii
    system menu:4.3E
    bootmii:1.4 installed as ios

    if i find any side effects that were definatly caused by this i will come back and say....ahh so thats why LOL[/spoiler]

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    so far it all seems recoverable... but seems like work. would have beens easier to selectively remove some fat saves to free up space if that is what you wanted.

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    i could of done that i guess, but i just saw everyone saying not to format without giving the reasons, and i figured i would try at as i was fairly certain it wouldnt cause a full brick, and see what gets messed up and try to fix it. you never know it might help someone out.

    and sorry for the multi posting, i was posting as i went along and didn't think to edit the first post. if anyone wants to delete all but first post and this one, feel free and il try to use my brain in future

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    Jax already took care of it. No offence you almost seem like one of my kids when I say dont do something. I know they are gonna do it anyways. You could of ended up with a full brick but were lucky this time. If your Wii is an old one then its a boot2 and easier to recover from a brick if not well then take care at what you try.

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    Definatly didn't try it just because i was told not to, tried it because everyone said not to do it but never said why. I went into it with my eyes open knowing roughly what parts of the nand a format would delete, and that it would not ever touch any ios so worst case if system menu didnt load priiloader still would. I know all about bootmii as boot2, wish my wii was old, but its a new lu64+ (its pal so technically a leh250+).
    Just wanted to know why it was advised against, thats all and was 99.99% certain it would not get damaged beyond repair. Even boot2 bootmii is not brickproof, as alot of people who had it installed before the 4.2 update mangled the boot2 with shoddy update code. Im rambling now i think i should get some sleep lol


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