Hello, i have a question... i burnt wii backups in memorex dvd-r and didnt work then i switched to sony dvd-r and they were working pretty good until my daughter inserted 2 games at once in the wii console, after that the games burnt in sony dvd-r are getting disc read error, but i have a few burnt in the brand ridata and those games are playing like a charm why is it doing this?? all my games in all brands i mentioned are burnt at 2x speed with imgburn. If sony were playing good and stoped after 2 games at once were inside wii, i thought the lense was damaged but then i inserted all games one by one to check and the ones burnt in ridata work perfect and originals obviously play fine, just the sony stoped working, sometimes i get to load a disc but it will get DRE in the middle of a playing stage or before it loads a stadium in fifa or mlb2k12, and like i said ridata load pretty fast and no glitches at all.