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Thread: Will Skyward Sword work?

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    Will Skyward Sword work?

    Ok so its been a long time since ive even used my Wii let alone done any modding to it. Im thinking of buying the new Zelda game but im not sure if it will work.

    Ill tell you what I know about my Wii. Its on 4.1U and I used the super smash bros exploit to softmod it. I belive it has the trutcha bug although I honestly dont remember what that is. Thats all that I can think of. Im just wondering about the Zelda game because it might want me to update and that could brick my wii. I have priiloader on it and I think disc updates are blocked.

    Um anyways if you want to lend me a hand figureing this out that would be great! If you need anymore info ill be happy to figure it out.
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    Post a syscheck please?
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    You will need to update your ios most likely to run it from the disc. The softmod any wii guide in my signature has a section for updating old mods, just follow that then look HERE if you want to run the game from a usb device.

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    Ok cool I found that softmod guide so im just going to do that. It should work ok after I hope.


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