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Thread: Hello admins and users

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    Hello admins and users

    I have a wii for the past 3 years. After some months i entered a modchip to play games from cds and about a year later someone i know told me about wii modding so i gave it to him and did the whole thing and everything worked just fine. I was downloading games and with a program (i don't remember it's name now) i was transferring the games to an external hard disc and connected it to wii to play. But he didn't warned me about updates so about 10 months ago after an internet update i tried to enter gx usb loader and i got a black screen with some things written on it and the only way to exit is to shutdown wii and the turn it on again (i can do it again and write what things it shows me if you want) . So now i can't load any games from my hard disc but at least the chip still works so i can play games from cds. I didn't try anything until now because of some studies but now i want to get it back to how it was. So after all this (sorry for this big foreword) i want to ask 2 things:
    1. do i have to do anything else before following Mauifrog's guide?
    2. if i follow it will i lose all my saves?
    My version is 4.3E.
    Thanks in advance for everything and sorry for being too detailed.

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    After starting to read Mauifrog's guide:
    1. i remembered that i used wbfs for transferring the games to the hard disc,
    2. i'm not sure but i think my friend used this guide but didn't do everything so i had the homebrew channel but i didn't have most of the other channels-programs that are written in the guide and
    3. if this has anything to do with the problem i have i followed a guide to install a N64 simulation in wii and it was working for super mario so i don't think i did anything wrong there.

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    Just follow the guide from start to finish and you should be set.

    Also the admins on the site do not want to know how you get your games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry8
    ....I was downloading games....

    Please Read The Forum Rules.

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