On this site you can watch the latest Nintendo Direct as Global President Satoru Iwata reveals new information about Wii U before E3 2012.

What have been said:

I. New gamepad (as Satoru Iwata named new controller)

It's similar to prototype, back cover is more ergonomic (that prototype). Slide pads has been changed to analog stick which has ability to be pushed and get new abilities (?).

front.jpg back.jpg front_stick.jpg

II. NFC Reader/Writer

Unknown button is now known - it's NFC Reader


III. TV Control Button

New feature - you will be able to operate TV with gamepad (on/off, changing channels, ect.)


IV. Social functions - Miiverse

When you are using Wii U you will be able to ask other gamers to help you, chat, video-chat and so on...
(notice that there is black Wii U)

miiverse3.jpg miiverse5.jpg

V. Nintendo Network

Network service similar to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live that will be used on Wii U and others Nintendo consoles (3DS and...)


VI. Wii U Pro Controller

For "true hardcore" players - very similar controller to xbox one.


So - is Wii U interesting one ?