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Thread: Red screen when booting from Wiiflow or Neogamma on a lot of titles

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    Red screen when booting from Wiiflow or Neogamma on a lot of titles

    Thank you for reading,

    My Wii had been soft modded some time ago and I thought it would be useful to have the same system hacks that I put on a friends Wii when I modded it last week and not have the constant update reminders,
    so I installed priiloader and selected options as in Wii mod guide. This is the only recent thing I have done, and now have a red screen when I load from Wiiflow or Neogamma
    on a lot of games, I can still see the game but through this red haze.
    After a lot of searching I completely wiped the Wii and reinstalled the soft mod process and it is still there.
    I have checked all leads, etc but I can't seem to find the solution, any suggestions would be great.
    -edit- After a bit of thought could it be something like an NTSC-PAL problem, and how could I sort it......

    2nd edit = After some more googling I found my answer, just in case anyone else gets the above problem. I found the answer with links back to Wiihacks and it was a setting within the wiiflow and neogamma
    set to 'auto patch' and hey presto all games play now
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