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Thread: A few basic questions about old wii's

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    Question A few basic questions about old wii's

    Hey wiihacks i am new to this. I have a reasonably old wii of about 4 years that is not softmodded(although i am happy to do so).

    1. I have been told because it is an old white wii that i can just burn wii games and play them, is this true?

    2. Can i play Game Cube games on wii natively or do i have to mod it and install software enabling it.

    3. Can i still play games off of USB or is it just SD cards.


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    1. Yes you can play your legally backed up Wii discs, but you have to mod it first and use special software.
    2. Same as above (if you are referring to backups)
    3. Yes, you can play Wii games from USB. GC games only from SD as of now.

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