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Thread: Looking for help with Emu Apps on HDD

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    Looking for help with Emu Apps on HDD

    So I spent all weekend working on my Wii using all the great tutorials here (thanks to all involved with those).

    I finally have the Wii modded as shown in the "Softmod ANY Wii" tutorial from this site. Followed the directions exactly. Went further set up my 2TB Western Digital HD (Fat32, etc etc as per this site's USB HD tutorial). Decided to use WiiFlow, and have been successfully backing up and playing my Wii games flawlessly.

    I decided to move on to Emulators for the classic systems. I want to store them all on the USB HD (2gig SD card won't cut it), but I am having trouble. I put all the paths on the HD, roms in the right place, etc. I am stuck because I can't figure out how to get the HBC to launch any of the Apps. So pretty much when I load HBC, it just kind of shows what's on the SD card, can't figure out how to point it at the HD.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    When you go to HBC and your in HBC press the 1 button and switch it to read from the HDD.


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