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Thread: Bought used Wii, possibly modded, not sure?

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    Bought used Wii, possibly modded, not sure?

    Ok, so today my wife bought a Wii off some kid, brings it home and I get everything hooked up, and there is some really fugly green camo theme on it. There is no homebrew channel or anything other than the standard Wii channels.

    How can I tell if this Wii has been modded? Due to the ugly non-stock theme, I have to assume it is, which makes me worry about updates and such. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Probably would be best to follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide. It will overwrite any old stuff. After that, if you do the optional System Menu downgrade it will replace your themed menu with the original Wii menu.

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    cj I will follow your advice. I do know that priiloader is loaded, did the reset thing while booting, tho that seems to be the only thing installed. I will follow the guide so my wife wont update and brick it


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