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Thread: Broken Wii?

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    Exclamation Broken Wii?

    Hello Everyone,

    First of all, I hope this is the right forum for my question.
    Here comes my problem.

    I just burned (at 4x speed, couldn't lower) Wii Party.
    I put it in my modded (with Wasabi DX Chip) Wii, and I get a black screen saying "Error, eject the disk, and restart the Wii.
    I think you'll know what I mean .

    So I ejected the game, and wanted to restart the Wii.
    Well from that point, I don't get any graphics out of the Wii.
    The different screens say's at first (Wii off) "NO SIGNAL".
    So I turn the Wii on, and "NO SIGNAL" is gone (logical).
    But I only get a black screen.

    I've retried the Wii on different screens, different SCART-blocks, power cable out for 30 secs...
    But the screens are keeping black.

    Is this a hardware failure, or does it comes from the AV cable, or SCART-blocks?

    Please help me...
    I really want to play further...

    Greetings from the Netherlands,


    EXTRA: I've played with AV cable, and then, sometimes some stripes on the screen.
    Can it be the cable?

    Sorry for the doublepost!

    No Problem,Just use the Edit function next time.
    Thank You,Jax.
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    Do you have priiloader installed? If yes - hold reset button for 5 sec and you will get into it. Than please post your syscheck.

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    Hmm, I am not sure that I have priiloader installed.
    But I will hold the reset button for 5 secs.
    Do I have to do that with the Wii on or off?

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    Yes - you need to start your wii while holding reset button.

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    I've tried it, but still a black screen.
    Maybe bricked?

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    I had a similar problem I had to press and hold the reset button and then to turn the power off/on
    and hold reset for atleast another 20+ sec.

    Good luck with this

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    if playing with the cable changes what appears on the screen then it a pretty safe bet that the cable or where it connects is the problem. I would try to borrow someone elses cable that you know is good first.

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    Okay, but that didn't work.
    So I bought a secondhand Wii with three months guarantee.

    So the problem is solved.
    All thanks for the help!

    Greetings, Rik

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    Problem Solved!

    Thread Closed!


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