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Thread: Black Zapper

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    Black Zapper

    I don't know if its frowned upon to post external links here so I wont yet.

    I bought a used Golden Eye game but playing with the nunchuck in 1 hand and the remote in the other is awkward.

    I found a black zapper on eBay (US site) for around $5 +$2 for shipping to Australia.

    There is also one on Tmart for for $6 including shipping but I got the one from eBay.

    I have a black Wii and black remote and nunchuck, I thought a white zapper would look crap.

    Not sure if most of you already knew these existed, I'm just posting here in case anyone else is interested obtaining one.

    Now just to wait a few weeks to get the zapper till I will continue to play Golden Eye

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    Yeah, you shouldn't post links directing to outside of
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